Hercules Super 10 Hercules Super 10 - הרקולס


Hercules Super 10

Powerful and extremely strong clear crystalline construction adhesive for professional use based on MS flexible polymer. UV resistant, prevents mold and fungus. For extremely strong adhesions, also suitable for sealing. Can be painted.

Suitable for most construction materials and the carpentry industry.

Excellent for bathtubs, toilets, kitchens, toilet bowls and sinks.

For adhesion and sealing a wide range of materials including sanitary ware, panels, stainless steel, aluminium, metal, ceramics, stone, marble, polystyrene, plastic, PVC, wood, cornices, plaster and more.

Resistant to sun exposure (UV radiation) and all weather conditions.

Can be used on a wet surface.

Resistant to most acids, bases and solvents (see technical specification).

Shade: black or white

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