BT – Bitumen thick coating

BT reinforced fiberglass
One-component sealant on a bituminous basis with polymer and fiber additions to strengthen the compound. Does not contain solvents.
Made in Germany
Easy to use, no need to mix
is not harmful to groundwater
The water in the compound evaporates and leaves a solid compound that has the ability to adhere and penetrate cracks and crevices.

The viscous compound allows the application of a thick layer in one step by spraying and leveling with putty.

Resistant against substances common in the soil and against prolonged exposure to water.
Adheres to bituminous surfaces (such as asphalt and tar), and dry or slightly moist mineral surfaces.
Used for sealing exterior basement walls, bridging cracks, foundations, metal floor coverings, and more.
Also suitable as a bridging sealing layer under concrete on the floor or balcony.
Suitable for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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