Fix All Construction – Hercuflex

Hercoplex Fix All Construction
Professional sealant and adhesive, powerful sealant and adhesive.
Environmentally friendly, UV resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Can be applied to a wet surface.

Shades: white, gray, cream
Packaging: 810 gr

MS is based on polyester technologies
Suitable for different uses for different surfaces
MS improves the properties of silicones and polyurethanes
* Excellent adhesion
* Does not contain thinners
* Quick drying
* Gluing on a wet surface
* Internal and external use
* Resistant to the sun and weather conditions
* Less yellowing than polyurethane

Flexible and airtight adhesion
Bus, train, yachts, caravans, floors, metals, stones, aluminum, concrete and fiberglass

Preparation of the area:
The surface must be free of all grease, remove all dirt, grease and loose parts

Cut the pod (sleeve) at a 45 degree angle, insert the sleeve into the caulking gun, press the gun and fill the seam.
The remainder of the material was cleared using MEK diluent

Drying time:
Initial drying after 35 minutes
Final drying after 7 days (at a seam depth of 11.5 mm)

Application temperature 5-35 degrees
flexibility 485%
Tensile strength 7.3 kg per square meter
Working temperature 40-100 degrees
shore difficulty A) 29)
Density 139 grams per ml
Shelf life 9 months in a cool and shady place

Not for food, keep away from children

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